Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, E-Discovery, and Regulatory Compliance

Our E-Discovery, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and Regulatory Compliance practice at Raees Law offers comprehensive solutions to safeguard your valuable data. With expertise in data impact assessments, policy formulation, and breaking down complex regulatory requirements, we ensure your business stays compliant with the latest standards. Our services also extend to cookie and consent management, disclosures, and compliance audits, ensuring your website meets all necessary protocols. Additionally, we provide invaluable support during incident reporting, helping you navigate any potential data breaches with confidence. Trust us to protect your digital assets and maintain a secure online environment.

Our services include:

  • Privacy compliance with global and regional regulations
  • Advice and counsel legal and procurement teams on data privacy
  • Advice and counsel InfoSec team on governance and global policies
  • Advice and counsel on HIPAA, FTA, CAN-SPAM, CPRA, PCI, GLB, SOC1, SOC2, AML
  • E-Discovery support